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Everyday Bliss: Transformation of self and business

As a single parent struggling with chronic respiratory issues, Pam Bliss decided it was time to seek new treatment options. After years of multiple prescriptions, frequent medical appointments and unplanned hospital stays, she knew she couldn’t continue taking care of herself or her son in her current condition. 


While working as a full-time nurse at a local hospital, Pam carved time out of her busy schedule to try yoga and experienced immediate results. Over 20 years later, her chronic issues are nonexistent, and she has experienced a complete transformation in both mind and body.

The level of transformation she experienced in her personal life was the exact inspiration she needed to take the next step in her career. She believed if yoga could benefit even just one person in the same way it helped herself, she would consider her yoga studio business a success.


In 2002, Pam opened YogaAsylum. At the time, it was one of only two existing yoga studios in Southeast  Wisconsin. Over the next few years, the studio expanded its wellness services to include treatments such as massage therapy. The business acquired Milwaukee School of Massage in 2016. Along with the growth of the business came the need for a new name, and Everyday Bliss Yoga + Massage was born. 

After a series of unexpected events, the newly titled studio found themselves with just 180 days to find a new space. With her own future on the line and the jobs of her employees at stake, Pam fought rigorously for the studio to remain open and searched for alternative solutions. 


Her quest brought her to the Waukesha County Center for Growth. At this economic development organization, Pam met Business Consultant Lucy Waldhuetter. Lucy helped the motivated entrepreneur not only find a new studio space, but one that she could purchase as her own. The process of securing funding to buy the space, however, became unbearably daunting for Pam. Lucy provided sound financial planning advice, thorough business strategy, and most importantly time – something Pam was quickly running out of – to encourage Pam to persevere. 

With Lucy’s help, Pam was able to secure a small business loan and finalize the purchase. The center now includes tranquil, spacious studios for yoga practice and earth-inspired treatment rooms for Reiki healing and meditation guidance. Pam incorporated environmentally responsible construction and Feng Shui design and the result is a peaceful, beautiful space. Pam said, “I am confident that without the help of resources like the Center for Growth, I would not be where I am today.”

“I am confident that without the help of resources like the Center for Growth, I would not be where I am today.”
Pam Bliss
Everyday Bliss
  • Financial planning
  • Business strategy
  • Location scouting
  • Access to funding

Currently, Everyday Bliss has more than 15 employees and is settling into their new 12,000-square-foot location on Bluemound Road in Waukesha. The holistic services business has expanded again to include workshops, events and adventure retreats as well as specified career training and yoga certification. With goals to inspire global well-being and self-realization, the studio has helped thousands of people overcome pain and increase their own skills and awareness. 

Whether people are seeking improved mindfulness, physical or emotional healing, relaxation or career advancement, Everyday Bliss provides a multitude of services to help create this bliss.