Welcome to the Wisconsin Go Global Monthly Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our inaugural Go Global Newsletter! I hope that you are all well and that your businesses are surviving this unprecedented pandemic. More so, if your company was exporting prior to COVID-19, chances are you are enduring the downturn better than the average small- and medium-sized company. 

Over the past several months I have spoken with dozens of Wisconsin exporters who are taking this opportunity to create and implement international expansion plans with a 2-5 year horizon.  Planning in key to successfully exploiting new international opportunities and knowing of and, especially, utilizing the many trade resources and programs can make that plan a reality. 

Even after 22 plus years of total international trade experience, both in the private and public sectors, I still learn something new on a regular basis. This newsletter will highlight the dozens of state and federal trade resources, many of which even experienced exporters are unaware of. In this and in future newsletters, individual articles have been written by experts in their respective fields who, over the next several months, we will get to know on a more personal level. 

In addition to providing timely information on recent developments (USMCA and Section 232/301, to name a few), our goal is to also provide information on trade programs that have successfully helped Wisconsin companies to enter new markets, cut costs, lower risk and increase profits. Many of these programs are quite complex and may involve different departments within a company; however, the Wisconsin SBDC Network is here to provide additional guidance. 

To take advantage of our Export Assessment tool to identify the specific trade resources and programs to grow your business, contact me directly at .