The Savvy Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

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Gazing into the crystal ball is something all logistics and supply chain managers attempt to do on a daily basis in order to foresee those costly delays that ultimately ensnare their company’s ability to produce goods or export goods to meet their customer’s needs.

The savvy manager is one who instinctively routes their imports or exports effortlessly through ports that save both time and money. 

Last week the SBDC hosted several stakeholders from the twin ports of Duluth and Superior to tout the benefits of containerized shipping through the port versus the traditional east or west coast ports.  The twin ports provide that one-stop-shop for both imports and exports of all sorts of manufactured goods.  It is no longer just a vacation spot to watch those huge ships whose bellies are filled with grain or iron ore, now they’ve solved the solution to the congestion and exorbitant costs of shipping 40’ containers through Los Angeles or New York. 

The SBDC is proud to be a part of this historic growth in the Twin Ports, the link between the Midwest and the world.

View the event here:

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