Healthy Way Market

Healthy Way Market: People and planet over profit

Adam Goettelman knew the community wanted the local grocery store opened in 1994 to survive, so he purchased Healthy Way Market. It is now growing and thriving thanks to that same community support.

In 2015, Adam was a CSA farmer selling his agricultural goods to the store. Due to some personal life changes, the original owners were ready to sell, and Adam was ready to buy and become a different kind of entrepreneur. Adam stands by the mission of the market striving to put “people and planet before profits.” The vast majority of the merchandise remains local, organic products created through regenerative agriculture.


The original 800-square-foot store prided itself on its community and environmental focus. When Adam took over, the trust the community had in him was evident and he quickly expanded to a 3,000-square-foot facility. Only 16 months later, the market had reached its capacity again and moved a half block away to an 8,500 square-foot building.

With the growth of the physical structure, came the growth of the staff as well. Healthy Way Market went from 8 employees to over 30 very quickly. Even through the COVID pandemic, the store did not have trouble retaining employees due to the fair wages, respectful work environment and more. Its dependence on local vendors for beef, pig and lamb helped keep the store stocked during the pandemic when it was difficult to keep inventory on shelves.


That second expansion brought Adam to the UW-Green Bay Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance. He worked with David Stauffacher, a consultant at the SBDC, to create financial projections and a business plan. “David sat by my side and walked me through the business plan. I can’t give him enough credit. I wouldn’t be where I am without his assistance. He helped me realize things I had not thought about before,” Adam said.

David also introduced Adam to the Door County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) for help with acquiring property. “The Bank of Luxemburg was another organization that was hugely important to me in gaining funding capital. They treated me like family,” Adam mentioned.


Healthy Way Market is looking forward to growing again soon. Adam is adding 5,000 square feet to the existing building, and he is certain to continue putting people and the planet first in this new space. “I have a great job here. It does not feel like I go to work, but rather I am just part of the community,” Adam added with a smile in his voice.

“David sat by my side and walked me through the business plan. I can’t give him enough credit. I wouldn’t be where I am without his assistance.”
Adam Goettelman
Healthy Way Market
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