Patrick Gatterman

Center Director

Patrick is a small business owner and a devoted community leader with a passion for cooperative values.

He is a firm believer in work-life balance, which means he will ask about your day and encourage bubbler small-talk, as a team is only as strong as the trust they have in each other. He likes to know the people he works with and hopes they want to know him as well.

His favorite aspect of this job is public outreach. He feels very proud to represent a professional collaborative organization. He is proud of the rave reviews his SBDC at UW-Stevens Point team consistently receives.

He enjoys spreading positive energy, and the unique small mom & pop owners that want consulting are very heart-warming. Patrick said, “Let’s be honest, how many jobs out there get ‘Thank you so much’ on a daily, if not hourly, basis? Working in Central Wisconsin is very rewarding.”

Patrick is an avid live music fan. His vacations from work usually include a music festival or outdoor concert. As he has made many friends in this industry, he can tell you that these events are an important social and economic drivers for communities.

  • B.S. UW-Madison
Patrick Gatterman portrait

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