Successful Small Business Clinic in Eau Claire Broadens Collaboration


The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UW-Eau Claire hosted a successful Small Business Clinic on August 23, providing 31 one-on-one consulting appointments as well as presenting details on Canva and business financials to engaged virtual and in-person participants.

Two staff members and 14 student interns from the SBDC at UW-Eau Claire and the UW Oshkosh Digital Marketing Clinic team collaborated to hold this entrepreneurship event. Harlie Juedes, interim director at the SBDC at UW-Eau Claire said, “It’s a benefit for all of us to collaborate with different universities; we can bring multiple perspectives to a client’s work, resulting in more valuable services for the small businesses we serve. There is an added value for the student interns to gain professional development from multiple perspectives before graduation.” She mentioned these high-impact internships have led to real world results.

Allison Kind, administrative student consultant, said, “Running the Small Business Clinics has been an amazing growth journey for me, both personally and professionally. I have learned so much about project management, event coordination, working with others and developing unwavering confidence. This opportunity to work at the SBDC has been the highlight of my journey at UW-Eau Claire, and this experience is shaping me in great ways for my future career!”

The UW Oshkosh Digital Marketing Clinic team is equally excited about working together. Kathy Frederickson, manager of the clinic, said, “Collaboration between University of Wisconsin campuses allows us to increase the internship pool, and enables us to share the process with other campuses around the state.”

The UW Oshkosh interns found value in traveling to Eau Claire for this clinic. Amanda Dorsey, a senior Interactive Web Management major, said, “Since we help small businesses all across Wisconsin, sometimes we aren’t able to meet with them face-to-face. It was really special to spend two days in Eau Claire meeting some of the clients in person. Although meeting virtually works perfectly for what we need to accomplish, there is something special about being able to meet face-to-face with clients. It feels more personal.” 

The in-person collaboration was the second time the two teams have come together. “Nothing can replace the in-person collaboration these students and the participating clients experience when they come to one of the Small Business Clinics,” Frederickson said. Both teams have virtual, in-person and hybrid student experiences available within their programs.

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