Digital marketing event in Rock County hits ‘the big 3’

Digital Marketing Clinic - 8.24 - Rock County SBDC - Team Imagejpg

Last week, the power of the Wisconsin SBDC Network’s combined talent was on full display when the SBDC at Rock County hosted a lunch and learn featuring the Wisconsin Digital Marketing Clinic.

“I’m so excited to represent the SBDC and support small businesses in Rock County,” said Kathryn Jackson, Rock County SBDC business consultant. “The Digital Marketing Clinic is a powerful resource which is making a real impact on small businesses. The success of this event is a reminder that entrepreneurs are hungry for knowledge. I look forward to planning more educational events in Rock County.”

Director Kathy Fredrickson and two of her bright UW Oshkosh interns, Erin Litscher and Alex Larson, showcased their knowledge and services to a full classroom at Blackhawk Technical College.

“Many thanks to Blackhawk Technical College for allowing us to host the workshop at their Central Campus,” Jackson said. “The SBDC is grateful for their continued support of Rock County entrepreneurs.”

The interns shared their thoughts about the fantastic, professional experience: “The Rock County presentation was a fantastic experience,” said Alex Larson. “Presenting to a group of small businesses owners who were so eager to learn was beyond fulfilling,” echoed Erin Lichter.

The team presented on the clinic’s main three digital marketing services, that have been refined through experience serving over 175 businesses throughout Wisconsin since January 2021, which are key to any digital presence for a business:

  1. SEO/Keywords – Keywords are where many businesses start their digital marketing presence. You need to understand what your business is offering and what people are searching to find you. Optimizing keywords improves visibility, traffic and awareness.
    • How to start on your own: List your top keywords related to products and services, then answer: Do these accurately relate to your business? What keywords would you like your business to show up under?
    • What the Clinic provides: The team uses a professional keyword research tool to assess the highest potential keywords for a business. Their SEO process has been refined and is uniquely branded HoneyPot of SEO.
  2. Social Media Planning and Ideas – Social media is still daunting to many businesses. Don’t worry; you don’t need to go viral, you just want to have a common connecting point with your audience.
    • How to start on your own: List your goals! Determine what you want to accomplish with social media, then research what channels your audience is most active on.
    • What the Clinic provides: The team helps clients develop content that will help them achieve their goals, perform hashtag research and provide caption ideas.
  3. Digital Asset Creation – Digital assets define you, literally, so they should not be taken lightly. This does not mean that you have to spend obscene amounts of time or money on them, but you should invest in something you are proud of.
    • How to start on your own: Try new angles on your next promo photos, then check out Canva (for free!) and put your creativity to work with helpful templates and structure in place.
    • What the Clinic provides: The team assists in digital asset creation including developing logos from scratch for clients in a collaborative way.

These are just a few quick tips from a robust presentation, but they are a good place to start.

“The Digital Marketing workshop will be the first of many for small business owners who are looking for solid advice and practical tips from student consultants,” said Kathy Fredrickson, Digital Marketing Clinic director. “We are able to bring their training and expertise directly to owners who need it the most. Businesses benefit from keyword knowledge, Google Business Profile optimization tips and social media best practices. In addition to the direct benefits for the business, our interns gain valuable experience to prepare them for careers in the field. We can’t wait to come back to Rock County!”

What’s next?

  • If you’re a small business, find out about how all of these services can improve your business’ digital presence by connecting to the Digital Marketing Clinic through your local SBDC.
  • If you’re an entrepreneurial support organization or community partner hoping to set up an event like this in your community, reach out to the Digital Marketing Clinic.